Teachers' and Librarians' Comments

“Opening The Door West” was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before about the history of the Northwest Territory and the Native Americans and early settlers, because it really captured so realistically the feel for that time period. The graphics are simple, yet sophisticated. The producers did a fabulous job.”

    •  Alan Hall, Director
    •  Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County
    •  Steubenville OH


“I use it to re-enforce what the students learned about settling the NW Territory. It is a good introduction for social studies classes learning about westward expansion.”

    • Christine Whitaker, 4th Grade Ohio History
    • Nathan Hale Elementary School
    • Toledo, OH


“Just wonderful. I use it in 8th grade American History to refresh Ohio history. It quickly summed up everything that we would have spent lots more time on. The kids enjoyed it, especially the computer graphics, because it made history come alive.”

    • Sheila Giffin, 5-8th Grade Social Studies & American History
    • Newport Elementary School
    • Newport, OH


"Excellent, very well done and extremely accurate; perfect for early Ohio history classes."

    • Mildred Arthrell, Lifelong Learning Program
    • Lorain County Community College
    • Elyria, OH


"My students are so proud of their Ohio background and the part Ohio played in American history. I’m thrilled to use the documentary and would certainly recommend using it to others because of the realistic presentation format.”

    • Sue Price, 4th Grade Social Studies
    • Waterford Elementary School
    • Waterford, OH


“I use it in Ohio History class. I’m very satisfied with it. It is historically accurate, informative and well presented. It gives a good clear picture of Ohio’s first settlements after the Revolutionary War and brings history to life with the characters, costumes and Native Americans.”

    • Dr. George Vourlojianis, Chair of History Dept
    • Lorain County Community College
    • Elyria, OH


“I show it by chapters to go along with our Ohio history book. It is one thing for the kids to read about history, but to see it acted out visually really helps them imagine what life was like 200 years ago. I love it because it really keeps the kids interested.”

    • Beth Hollanbaugh, 4th Grade Ohio History
    • Addaville Elementary School
    • Gallipolis, OH


"The kids take notes as we watch the video and then we discuss it. They like watching how the characters recreate the historical action because they get to see what was happening 200 years ago. It is like watching a movie rather than just hearing someone talk about it, so they looked forward to it.”

    • Elizabeth Adam, 4th Grade Ohio History
    • Central Elementary School
    • Shelby, OH


"I would recommend it for Ohio history and U.S. history classes, as well as a way to cover social studies curriculum dealing with clash of cultures and how different cultures interact with each other."

    • Bob Cairns, 9th-12th Grade History
    • Canton South High School
    • Canton, OH


"Opening the Door West effectively combines the words of early Ohio settlers with the scholarly interpretations of prominent Ohio historians.  The paintings and historical reenactments bring the early history of Ohio to life making it a “must see” for anyone interested in the history of the state and the Old Northwest.  This production is very valuable for educators as it is conveniently divided into chapters making it easy for instructors to show relevant segments in class."

    • Dr. Catherine Rokicky, Associate Professor, History
    • Cuyahoga Community College
    • Cleveland, OH

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