Expanded DVD Contents and Bonus Materials



The DVD version of Opening the Door West lets you view the documentary all at once or choose individual chapters.  You may watch computer animations that bring history to life.  Select additional interviews conducted by history consultants to deepen your knowledge and understanding.


The complete DVD Contents are listed below:


A.  Documentary Chapters

          1. Introduction

          2. The Ohio Lands

          3. The Ordinance and the Company

          4. Fort Harmar

          5. Adventure Galley

          6. Field of Mars

          7. Adelphi

          8. Spies and Rangers

          9. Farmer's Castle

        10. The Starving Year

        11. Big Bottom

        12. The Door Opens


B. Animations with Narration

          1. Introduction to three settlements

          2. Campus Martius

          3. Farmer's Castle

          4. Flatboats and Canoes

          5. Fort Frye

          6. Fort Harmar

          7. Prehistoric Indian Mounds

          8. Floating Mill

          9. The Point


C. Additional Interviews

          1. Culture

               Three Captives Introduction (Zimmer)

                         Girty (Zimmer)

                         Kelly (Zimmer)

                         Wetzel (Zimmer)

                    Ichabod Nye (Zimmer)

                    Mademoiselle Theirry (Zimmer)


         2. Economics

                    Issac Williams, Entrepreneur (Zimmer)

                    Northwest Ordinance (Cayton)

                    Wilderness Highway (Eckert)


          3. Government: The Northwest Ordinance

                    Citizens of a Republic (Cayton)

                    Principals of Citizenship (Cayton)

                    Adding New Lands (Briley)

                    Governing New Lands (Cayton)

                    Northwest Ordinance Bill of Rights (Briley)

                    Article 6 (Cayton's Comments)

                    Article 6 (Eckert's Comments)

                    Tenets of the Northwest Ordinance (Cayton)


         4. History

                    Defending Indian Homeland (Secondine)

                    The Concept of Land (Zimmer)

                    Cultural Differences: North vs. South (Swick)

                    The Cultural Mix (Cayton's Comments)

                    The Cultural Mix (Zimmer's Comments)

                    Pioneer Women

                         -Treatment by Indians (Eckert)

                         -Social Inequality (Zimmer)

                         -Rebecca Williams (Zimmer)

                         -Fred & Ginger (Zimmer)

                         -Pioneer Women (Sterling)

                    Black Pioneers (Burke)

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