CD-ROM: Bonus Materials




Original artwork about the people, places and events connected to Ohio’s settlement. PDF files can be viewed or printed.

  •    Maps and scale drawings
  •    Portraits and paintings of many of the important people in the story
  •    Drawings and paintings of the pioneer settlements and forts
  •    Drawings and paintings of events depicted in the documentary


Full text of relevant historical documents in PDF form which can be viewed or printed.


  •    Proclamation of 1763
  •    Land Ordinance of 1785
  •    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  •    Wyandot Treaty of Fort Harmar 1789
  •    Greenville Treaty of 1795


Additional writings from the “primary sources” used in the documentary.  Read or print the PDF files to add more in-depth understanding.


  •    Ebenezer Batelle
  •    Ichabod Nye
  •    Rufus Putnam
  •    Joseph Barker
  •    John Matthews
  •    Rev. R. R. Gurley
  •    Joseph Buell
  •    Dr. Samuel Hildreth



Music Tracks  -- listen to these four full length soundtracks of music from America’s Federal Period.


  • “March” by Harmon Blennerhassett
  • “Spirits in the Mist” Native American Tradition
  • “The Negroe” African American Tradition
  • “Handel’s Water Music”



Make use of extensive indexing of DVD content by chapter and time frame to locate relevant materials.








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